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After many years of quilting, sewing and long-arm quilting for myself, I felt it was time to offer these same services to the public. You will find that because I am a quilter myself, your projects will be treated with the same care and respect that I do my own.

There’s no question that much time and effort (some blood, sweat and tears as well) go into each quilt, but above all that, there is much love. It is this love of quilting and sewing that makes my job so amazing each and every day.

Throughout this website, you will find information about quilts, projects, long-arm quilting services, sewing projects for sale and some other stuff.  You can also check out my Blog where many of my projects are outlined and shared.

I look forward to working with you – Robyn Gotch

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What will you find at Gotch Enterprises?

At Gotch Enterprises, we pride ourselves in providing quality long arm quilting and sewing services to folks both local and across the country.  It doesn’t matter if you have a quilt of your own to finish or find a top for sale and have to add it to your collection. Either way, we can assist you in finishing all your quilting projects.

If you are looking to view our projects in a less formal way, please feel free to follow us on social media.  We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Long-Arm Quilting

elegant log cabinThroughout this website, you will find advice, pricing and design elements to ensure your project is a success.  If you don’t find something you need, whether it be a panto-graph or other quilting pattern – just give me a holler and we can work out your vision.





Need it in a hurry?

Normal turn-around times are very fast. This is because I finish your projects before my own! Should you need something quilted quicker, just call. We have yet to disappoint a customer that had a special time frame in mind.

Custom Reproduction Garments

Renaissance Gown

Yes, I love Renaissance Fairs!  It is because of this that I enjoy creating garments from the 15th and 16th centuries.  Each dress is unique and ready to help the wearer step back in time.

All garments are created for beauty and durability.  The fabrics are quality so that the owner can wear them for years to come.

Check back often to see the beautiful garments that are posted as the are created.

Presentations and Trunk Shows

As a service to the many quilting guilds across the state, I offer presentations and trunk shows to share my own quilting visions and experiences with others.  Check out this section to learn more.

What’s Next?

If you look through the information in our website and find that you still have questions – Give me a call! 817-933-5009 or send me an email:  I will be happy to work with you no matter what types of questions come to mind.  My goal is to make you happy!

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